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"For over thirty years dynamic fiddler-piper-storyteller Kevin Carr has honed his craft in smoky Irish pubs, remote cabins in Quebec, and in dance halls across America. He's played banjo in Latvia, learned to play the bagpipes of a dozen countries and dug deep to find just the right stories to share. His one-man musical theater of the imagination blends folklore, true-life adventure, and the rare, soulful, fiery sounds of fiddle and pipes into a mesmerizing experience."


 Kevin Carr Fiddler, Piper, teller of tales

"KC is a soulful and exciting fiddle player, whose style draws from Irish, Quebecois, Appalachian and bagpiping roots. His performances are a mix of stories, fiddle and pipe tunes from traditional sources around the world. The sounds of Galician, Irish, Slovakian, French or Scottish pipes often punctuate his shows.

Kevin has  taught at Festival of American fiddle tunes, Alsadair Fraser's Sierra fiddle camp, Puget Sound Guitar workshop, Lark Camp and a host of other music camps across the country, and performed in concerts and at dances in Europe, Canada and the USA for thirty years, both solo and with The Hillbillies from Mars ( eclectic trad), Les Tetes de Violon ( quebecois ),  Wake the Dead ( Celtic Grateful Dead), and with Men of Worth's Celtic Christmas. He also currently plays with the Family Carr, which includes his wife Josie Mendelsohn, and son and daughter, Daniel and Molly Carr."



"Stories from the Musical Realms ; Inspiration and the Music Between the Notes"*

During his trips to such diverse territories as the former Soviet Union, Spain, France, Quebec, Ireland and from Alaska to Mexico, Kevin has played with and learned from traditional musicians, gathered stories to share and connected with folks through the ecstatic medium of music. Come to an enthralling evening of storytelling and music that weaves in the often supernatural sources of inspiration that give music its magic. This performance will please all ages. Kevin will also give us a taste of his CD in progress, "Fiddle Fables", as well as a new story based on a Czech Opera from the thirties entitled, “Schwanda the Bagpiper.”
*Kevin Carr* is a phenomenal multi-instrumentalist and storyteller who plays with the Hillbillies from Mars, Wake the Dead, and /Les Têtes de Violon. His solo concerts generate enthusiastic responses and rave reviews. For this show, Kevin will be playing: Fiddle, Irish (Uilleann) pipes, Slovakian Duda (pipes), Galician Gaita, and French Cornemuse.



"My storytelling is interwoven with music making. I play fiddle, banjo and a host of rare and exotic bagpipes from around the world. The sight of some of these instruments is often a story in itself, and their sounds are mesmerizing and wonderfilled. I have performed in theatres, at schools, for house concerts, at political rallies, and in smoky ( but attentive) clubs and not so smoky libraries.

I do programs for people of all ages, and take great joy in the fact that after my children's shows parents often tell me that they were as entertained as their young ones. If the story comes alive for me as the teller, it is alive for an audience no matter what the age."


Kevin is a witty and warm storyteller and a tremendous musician, who draws audiences into worlds  of heightened experience, where wisdom and foolishness mix in ways that are enlightening, entertaining, entrancing and most of all fun.

His performances  are rich in ways that appeal to children as well as adults. And his music is dazzling in its variety and expressiveness. Acclaimed storyteller and harpist Patrick Ball says, " Kevin Carr is one terrific musician: fiddles, bagpipes, whistles, drums, you name it. He also has one of the most engaging stage presences I have ever seen."