Gaita and Institute. Berkeley August 5 and 6


Galician music, bagpipes, music, dancing and ambiance. Once again we have a volunteer professor of Gaita, this time Bruno Villamor from the province of Lugo.

The Instituto will focus on the music of Bruno's grandfather, 'O Gaiteiro de Santo Xusto', a very well known and highly respected piper from Ulloa.

 We will also talk about reeds, ornamentation, history and folklore, and play a lot. All levels welcome. Talk it up - it will be fun.


Bruno Villamor, master Gaiteiro, is a graduate of the prestigious school of traditional studies in Vigo, and is heir to the music of his grandfather Ramiro Villamor, the revered 'O Gaiteiro de Santo Xusto'. Bruno will be donating his time to assist us in our efforts to learn the beguiling, enchanting, powerful music of Galicia.


This will be a potluck affair, with workshops 10-12, 1:30 - 4,  4;30- 6:30, and dinner and party after.


Admission by donation. Contact Kevin Carr by email( Kcccarr at, or by telephone at 541 301 5306 for directions and more information.